Heavenly Mountain: An Attainable Dream

Become part of our community. As one of the premier gated communities in our area, we offer private lots for sale in addition to homes built with supreme attention to detail. One option, pre-construction homes, allow for fully customizable features while taking the guesswork and anxiety out of building a house! All real estate for sale in Heavenly Mountain includes full membership to the community and access to all the amenities offered.




Many of the homes on Heavenly Mountain were built according to Maharishi Sthapatya-Veda, a set of architectural and planning principles based on ancient Sanscript texts, and often called the ultimate in “green” building or sustainable architecture. These principles put a focus on right direction, right placement of rooms, right proportions and the use of natural materials. It has been the experience of owners of such Fortune-creating homes that these homes promote health, family harmony and peace and abundance.

One of the great benefits of Heavenly Mountain, if you are attracted to this architecture, is easy access to Maharishi Stapatya -Veda experts who can help you through each phase of the planning and building process. For photographs and more information on the benefits of Stapatya-veda, visit www.maharishivastu.org.

For More Information on Real Estate at Heavenly Mountain, Contact:

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Heavenly Mountain Real Estate
Offers Several Options:

Finished Homes

Private Lots with Mountain Views, Easy Access and More

Pre-Construction Homes with the Freedom to Customize while Maintaining the Simplicity of paying up front. You know prices won’t fluctuate without your permission, you have already locked it in!

Map of the Community