Imagine sitting on your front porch, listening to the gentle sounds of a summer night. The cool mountain breeze rolls over you as you float on the gentle sounds of a bubbling stream. Watch the flashes from lightening bugs dancing in the night. Then drift forward a few months, and watch the trees turn vivid shades of red, yellow, amber and orange. See the scurry of squirrels and the flight of birds as they prepare for the coming winter. Then, experience the complete stillness that accompanies first snowfall as a gentle white blanket descends all around. Finally enjoy the first petals of a crocus peeking through the snow bank as Spring approaches.

Imagine this, and you imagine life at Heavenly Mountain.


Our community sits comfortably amid its natural surrounds, providing the ideal environment to relax and appreciate Mother Nature at her finest. For the active, take one of the many trails throughout the community to find special waterfalls and secret vistas accessible only to residents. However, the natural beauty is only the beginning of the amenities Heavenly Mountain has to offer.

hiking trails
Remodeled Clubhouse
Hiking Trails
fitness center
Full Service Fitness Center
Cultural Events
massage room
gated entrance
Massage Room
Gated Entrance
Outdoor Pool

Amenities Include:

Community Clubhouse
Fitness Center with High end fitness equipment, Yoga/Pilates space and Fitness instructor

Natural Surroundings, Close to town

Massage Room
Outdoor Pool
Hiking Trails
Tennis Court

Gated Entrance with round
the clock security